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Need help using Converter Bot, or have other questions for about the apps? You can contact us with the form at the bottom of this page. But before you do, please have a quick look through our list of frequently asked questions to make sure we haven't already answered it!

Frequently asked question list

What's the point of your apps?

Lots of people need to operate on "advanced" filetypes but don't have the expensive software necessary to open and edit them. If your friend sends you an Adobe Photoshop file, or your lawyer sends you a weird document format, you can benefit from a small, fast, and free solution that converts that file in to a format your computer can understand. In some cases our free apps have saved our users from having to spend hundreds of dollars on software!

How do you make money?

We might offer a paid version of our products down the road (but the existing apps will stay free). We also show ads inside our apps. Ads you see in our app are supplied by 3rd-party ad networks and are screened for quality and safety. If you see an ad that you think is malicious or misleading, please contact us.

Will you help me with tech support?

We will definitely try! But since our apps our free, there is a limit to what we can do - sorry.

I want to install/uninstall your apps!

To install our apps: find them in the Windows Store (click the Windows Store icon in your taskbar and search for the app you're looking for). Then, click "Install". To uninstall our apps: find them in your Start menu (under "All Apps"), right-click on their icon, and press "Uninstall".

I have another question!

Thank you for patiently reading our FAQ :) Please contact us using the form below:

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